The HotHand® kitchen/bakery mitten is designed by professionals in cooking and experts on occupational
safety. The mitten prevents burns and is recommended for both professional and home use. The materials of the mitten 
have been tested in the laboratory and in demanding practical  work. Its outer fabric is fireproof cotton polyester. 

- CE
- Finnish patent
- International patent application No.PCT/FI96/00675
- Certificate No. 95475S01
- protect against contact heat 250° / 21 s
- no allergenic materials
- Finnish quality product

In addition to mittens, the HotHand® product family
includes durable and washable pot holder

Safety requirements

The Hothand® family products are CE approved. 
The CE marking means that the HotHand® kitchen mitten meets EU directives on personal protective equipment EEC/89/686 and 95/58/EC basic requirements.

The Institute of Occupational Health, Department of
Physics (No.0403), Laajaniityntie 1, FIN-01620 Vantaa
has inspected this product in accordance with the personal protective  aquipment Act I406/93 issued by the Finnish Council of State.

HotHand® kitchen / bakery mitten

The basic color of the mitten is red with a blue edging
band and with white HotHand® silk-screen printing.

The coating is fire-protected cotton polyester, the lining fabric is 100% cotton, and a steam stop / grease barrier (polyurethane laminate) is laminated between them. Palm material special heat insulation.

The HotHand® mitten is available in two different lengths: 30cm and 40cm, and two different sizes: size 8 and size 10.

You can also choose from two different thumb models: 
middle thumb model or side thumb model.

Mittens are sold in pairs.

HotHand® potholder

The base color of the pot holder is red / blue with the blue edging band. The HotHand® silk-screen printing is white.

The size is 25 x 25 cm

The coating is fire-protected cotton polyester and in between there is a steam stop / grease barrier lamination and felt heat insulation.


The mittens and pot holders are also manufactured in black color. We can print or embroider your logo to replace the HotHand® logo on the product.

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